Legal information

The contracting of a service supposes the acceptance of this contract

Legal Department

PluxHost Legal
[email protected]

Copyright Departament

PluxHost Copyright
[email protected]

Abuse Departament

Abuses PluxHost
[email protected]

Support Departament

PluxHost Support
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Terms and Conditions of Service

- Terms and Conditions of Service

This agreement of Terms and Conditions is regulated all the services of PluxHost and accounts, the registration and / or purchase of a product means that it has accepted the terms and conditions of the service without reserves or oppositions of any kind, each and every one of the points Expressed in this contract.
PluxHost is granted the right to modify this contract at any time and enter into force from the time it has been modified (indicating the date of the last modification).

- PluxHost is granted the right to cancel the service / account permanently of the client without any refund if one or more points named in this contract have been broken.


We are a company related to servers, web hosting and domain registration, we are not responsible for the use of the server / service.
If you have any complaints about an abuse of our servers let us know by mail that we will provide.

How to Submit an Abuse Claim?
We will provide you with an email to contact our abuse department, to submit the complaint you must name the ip address, and to explain in detail the abuse occurred on the server.
The abuses department will study the case and take appropriate action to end the abuses.
How long does it take to respond?

In PluxHost we take very seriously all the issues of reports, however the abuses department will respond to all reports in a time of 24 to 72 working hours.

We take the right to notify the affected customer and receive a response from you, we take the right to cancel any service / account that does not respond to the complaint and take action to resolve it.

Department of Abuse
[email protected]

Copyright Infringement DMCA

Copyright Compliance Digital Millennium Copyright Act

Pursuant to Title II of the Copyright Act, all copyright infringement claims for material believed to reside on the PluxHost network or servers must be submitted in the named PluxHost Copyright Office down.
We do not manage nor are responsible for any data hosted on our servers of any client, however if you believe there is a Copyright infringement in the PluxHost network you can inform us.

PluxHost Copyright Department
[email protected]

Reporting a Copyright Complaint

In order to submit a copyright claim you must submit the necessary evidence to the PluxHost Copyright Department to take appropriate measures, such as:

If a valid certification is not given for the claim this will be denied and will not be nor informed the client nor accepted.

I have opened a claim, (I am a client) What should I do?

If you are a client in PluxHost and you have received a complaint from the legal departments of PluxHost you must follow our guidelines to solve the problem:

False Claims:

In order to curb false claims, you must provide everything necessary for the timely department to make a final decision.

It will be responsible for the claims that are sent, in case of being false the appropriate measures will be taken against the complainant.